Birth · 25. November 2019
Meet your Love chemicals
pregnancy, maternal health · 18. August 2019
What do we know about perineal massage?
pregnancy education  · 16. July 2019
Your mind may forget, your body will remember… Knowledge is power!
maternal health · 11. June 2019
Do you involve these incredible healthy and healing flavours into your diet?
pregnancy · 10. May 2019
Natural remedies that might help to combat your morning sickness.
maternal health · 03. March 2019
Maternal mortality is still unacceptably high. Women die from from pregnancy or childbirth related complications around the world every day.
pregnancy · 20. February 2019
Are you aware of your baby's movements?
11. February 2019
Check this out and let us know if it works for you!
16. January 2019
Breathing techniques can support you with the intensity of labour.
06. January 2019
Whether you are planning to give birth to your baby in a private or public hospital you may like to consider using a birth pool or a deep bath. They are now widely available and the relaxing effects of the warm water can make a huge difference in reducing discomfort and helping you to achieve a drug-free labour and birth. Here are my top 5 reasons to consider using a birthing pool! 1. Comfort - Water has relaxation qualities which enable you to move and be buoyant in the pool. It is calming for...

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