Pregnancy Consultation

What do you need to know when you are expecting?! I will cover everything you need to know about your pregnancy including screening tests, what hospitals are available and what do they offer, what exercise you should get into and pregnancy nutrition. 

Antenatal Checks

My antenatal consultations are developed for women who feel they would like to see a midwife more frequently than the standard medical visits.


Antenatal check is to find out about your general well-being and your pregnancy. This includes a blood pressure check, abdominal palpation (to check the baby’s position) and urine test. Your baby’s heart beat will be listened to by using a sonicaid.


Each antenatal check will have lots of education involved. This will also depend on the stage of your pregnancy.


Antenatal checks are suitable for any stage of pregnancy and will last around an hour – they are unhurried.

They are designed to give you all the time you need to feel comfortable and well-informed with your pregnancy. Antenatal visits will be conducted in the comfort of your own home and at time that is convenient to you.

Complementary therapy advice can be given.